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As R.G.S. is an independent game studio, we are sometimes short of financial supplies which will delay the development of our games and game art. Therefore we are always in search for more financial room to speed up the process. To financially support R.G.S., just click on the Yes, I support R.G.S.-button below, which sends you to the financial part of your support, or click on the Buy us a coffee -button, to buy us some cups of coffee. If you like what we are doing or you have a warm heart for independent game studios, please be generous.

Now what is in it for you, when you support R.G.S.?

When you support us with € 5,- or more, you will receive discount when you order our games or game art. A gift of € 10,- or more will also get you mentioned on the supporters page. And occasionally we will give away some of our artwork to our supporters. These are the reasons why we ask you for your name and email address. If you have any questions about supporting R.G.S. or have any suggestions feel free to contact us by using the Contact page. One thing: we do not accept gifts below € 1,50 (1 Euro, 50 cents). We are not greedy, but after the costs of the money transfer are subtracted, there is not much left of your gift and it will be a waste of your valuable money.

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What are we doing with your financial support?

We will hire other independent game developers, artists and musicians to bring our games to a very high level of quality and fun. Be assured, your gift will be well spend. And every gift, no matter how small or big, is highly appreciated.

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