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Developer's Fact Sheet

Studio name: Richards Game Studio or R.G.S.
Founder: Richard Marrevee B.Eng.
Founded: 2010, full-time since 2014
Country: the Netherlands

Richards Game Studio or R.G.S. in short, is founded in 2010 as a side-project by Richard Marrevee, but started as a full-time developer in 2014. R.G.S. is based in the Netherlands in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, a village which is part of the Zuidplas community. During the 1990's, Richard was co-founder of C&M Games Deluxe, an indie game developer which does not exists anymore, and released 2 games for the PC-market.

A more detailed version of the Developers Fact Sheet can be downloaded from the Presskit Downloads section below.

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Developer's Logos

High resolution versions of the developer's logos can be downloaded as a .zip archive from the Presskit Downloads section below.

Logo Logo 2 Logo 3

Font: Poor Richard

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The Master's Eye Fact Sheet

The Master's Eye is a single player role-playing game for PC in a medieval fantasy setting. The story is set in Ishkandragh, a land founded by the wizard Ishkan, many aeons ago. The player learns that Ishkan, while building this land, had to defeat dark hordes of Orcs and more of these vile creatures. During this war he became known as The Master, because he was a sorcerer like man had never seen before. Unfortunately he only defeated them so they had the change to rise again, this time led by Kragh the Necromancer who also had summoned a Daemon Lord. During a fierce battle The Master was able to capture Kragh and defeat the Daemon Lord with the aid of a dark magical device known as the Eye of Closure, later known as The Master's Eye, but at great costs. The player is initially unaware of recent events involving the Eye. He or she has grown up in a small hamlet high in the mountains and is haunted by a recurring dream. The hamlet's sage advice is to go to the capital of Ishkandragh, Ishkan, to seek answers to this dream. This is where the game starts: the journey to Ishkan.

The inspiration for The Master's Eye has come from computer games like the Hero Quest and Quest for Glory series from Sierra Online and from fantasy tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. It is a multi-mission game which the player must complete to reach the final, but these missions can be played in a random order (except for the first 2 missions which will lead the player to Ishkan). The Ishkan mission fulfils a central role, here the player can improve his fighting skills and learn new spells and abilities, but also find new quests (missions), which in the earlier stages of the game, will make clear what the goal is and later on how this goal can be reached.

A more detailed version of The Master's Eye Fact Sheet can be downloaded from the Presskit Downloads section below.

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The Master's Eye Screenshots

Below are thumbnails of a selection of screenshots taken from The Master's Eye. The screenshots (dimensions: 1024 x 768; format: .PNG) can be downloaded as a .zip archive from the link below. The archive contains more images than shown.

Title screen Map of Ishkandragh Kragh summons the Daemon Lord Start of the game A lakeside view on Felsgrate The mountain village of Felsgrate The Silver Dragon Inn at Felsgrate Under attack In-game manual An underground lake Skills and Abilities screen City gate of Ishkan Harbor of Ishkan Target practicing at the Barracks at Ishkan The gate of the Royal Guards Barracks at Ishkan Vegetable plot at the Monastery at Ishkan Inside of the Monastry of Ishkan Fenwicks Doom Cemetary of Fenwick Skeleton warrior at the cemetary of Fenwick
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The Master's Eye Video's

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Press Releases

  • Explore The Open World Of Ishkandragh In The Master's Eye
    Matt Chelen, Two Credits
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Presskit Downloads

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