Now Avaible for Download

In here you find topics concerning our Volumetric Fog Pack for Torque3D.
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Now Avaible for Download

Post by Webmaster » Sun Sep 07, 2014 14:13

The Volumetric Fog Pack is now available for download. It is under the MIT-license, so free of use, modification and so on, although donations are appreciated.

- Any shape (.dts or .DAE format) is possible, concave shapes render but may have issues due to DirectX limitations,
- LOD-ing,
- user-defined fog color and density per object,
- Animated modulation of fog density and fog color on 2 layers using a texture,
- onEnter and onLeave callbacks for the controlobject,
- dissolving and thickening of the fog through TorqueScript.

- A working copy of Torque3D, MIT version 3.5 will do,
- Your imagination to use the new VolumetricFog object in your missions (just as fog, poisonous gas cloud, fake volumetric light).


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