SkyLine Pack for T3D is now available

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SkyLine Pack for T3D is now available

Post by Webmaster » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:43

The new SkyLine Object Pack for Torque3D is now available for download, price € 5.00 (approx. US$ 5.57)

The SkyLine object is a skybox which can be used in combination with the ScatterSky object. The nightSky and Moon options from the ScatterSky object can be used in conjunction with the SkyLine object. Also the use of BasicClouds and/or CloudLayer objects are supported. The SkyLine object can be used with the LightRay post effect. It is up to level-design if the SkyLine will block the lightrays or not.

•A new object used to create a skybox which can be used with the ScatterSky object,
•BasicClouds and CloudLayer objects can be switched to work with SkyLine,
•LightRay postfx influence.

The SkyLine pack is released under a single-copy license. A full description of the license can be found here.

•A working copy of Torque3D (MIT version 3.5 should work, obtainable here)
•Your imagination

The shaders used to render the SkyLine object are only in hlsl format!

You can find the pack here in the R.G.S. shop.


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