DoorClass pack now available for download

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DoorClass pack now available for download

Post by Webmaster » Fri Oct 17, 2014 19:34

The new DoorClass pack for Torque3D is now available for download through our website. It is released under the MIT license, so free of use, modifications and more, though donations are appreciated.

This is an addition to the Torque3D engine. After following the included installation guide you will have a new class called Door added to the engine. Installation requires addition and modification of the source-code.

- A new class used to create and operate sliding and swinging doors,
- Per object or per block messages for locked and blocked doors,
- Per block sounds for opening/closing doors,
- Per block sounds for locked doors,
- callbacks for opening, closing, locked and blocked doors,
- You can operate it without the need to know if the door is open, closed, locked or blocked through TorqueScript.

- A working copy of Torque3D, MIT version 3.5 will do,
- Your imagination to use the new DoorClass in your missions.


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