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The SkyLine object for Torque3D is a skybox which can be used in combination with the ScatterSky object. The nightSky and Moon options from the ScatterSky object can be used in conjunction with the SkyLine object. Also the use of BasicClouds and/or CloudLayer objects are supported. The SkyLine object can be used with the LightRay post effect. It is up to level-design if the SkyLine will block the lightrays or not.


Price & availability

€ 5.00 (VAT 21% € 0.87 included). Exchange Rates
Availability: Digital Download.
After your payment is completed, the SkyLine Pack is added to your product list and can be downloaded from the My Products section of your MyRGS account.



This pack contains all the necessary source files to add the SkyLine object to your installation of T3D. After receiving your payment, you will receive an e-mail with the download link and password within 24 hrs (depending on your e-mail server, normally it should not take more than a few minutes). Download the zip-file, extract it to a folder of your choice and follow the instructions in the step-by-step Installation guide (InstallationGuide.pdf). A user manual is included to assist you in how to use the SkyLine object in your projects.
Installation requires addition and modification of the source-code.
A sample cubemap is included, as an example for artists on how to setup the SkyLine cube, and may be used without exception in your projects.


The SkyLine pack is released under a single-copy license. A full description of the license can be found here.



The shaders used to render the SkyLine object are only in hlsl format!

How do I get the SkyLine pack?

Just click on the Buy Now button below and you will be transfered to the shop.

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