Welcome to the website of Richards Game Studio, creator of the epic fantasy RPG: The Master's Eye. But there is more...

Richards Game Studio or in short RGS, is an independent (indie) game studio based in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam. Our core business is developing computer games. Our mission is to make computer games that are affordable for everyone's wallet, which means that RGS has to work with tight budgets. However, this does not mean that RGS makes concessions to the quality of the computer games.

A creepy cemetery (The Master's Eye)

A good example of this is our epic game The Master's Eye. The Master's Eye is a first person, role playing game in a fantasy setting with medieval influences, which runs on a Windows Desktop computer. With this game we have tried to bring back the good old times with games like The Elder Scrolls, Betrayal at Krondor, Dungeon Siege and Heroes of Might and Magic. The game is a combination of open world and dungeon crawler and is story driven. We also did not forget to include some bashing and slashing, magick and the occasional puzzle. You can find out more about The Master's Eye in the Games section.

As the above may suggest that Richards Game Studio only develops games that run on a Windows computer, nothing is less true. Although RGS love to create these fantasy RPG's, there are a few games in development that will run on the Android and iOS systems, and these are definitely no RPG's. To see what projects Richards Game Studio is currently working on, just browse to the Projects page. But please, do not blame us for not telling you everything about the computer games RGS is working on.

3D Models

A particular area of game development is the creation of the computer art, like 3D models and textures. And as an ancillary business, Richards Game Studio sells some of the 3D models and other artwork that was created for the games. As said before, the games must be affordable for everyone's wallet; the same thing applies to the artwork. Although RGS maintains a very high quality, the artwork is very affordable for other indie game studios as well as the large AAA studios, and comes with a very generous license. Bring a visit to the Shop to see the available artwork.

You will also find game-engine Add-ons in the Shop. These are nice little code snippets that will add additional functionality to the specific game-engine. These Add-ons are particularly interesting for other game developers, but be aware! These add-ons require access to the engines source-code and often a rebuild of the engine is necessary.

As already stated before, the mission of RGS is to create games and art which are affordable for everyone. Well, if you visit the Shop you will also find some free stuff there like a playable demo of the game The Master's Eye. Now that is affordable for everyone for sure.

As there is always a shortage of money, Richards Game Studio is also available for third-party projects. To give you an impression, RGS can assist you with the following:

C++ programming

If you are interested in the possibilities, do not hesitate and or go to the Contact RGS page and fill in the contact form. Just remember, you always have no for an answer, but if you do not ask, you will never get a yes!

If you are a member of the press, please visit the Press page. There you will find useful (downloadable) fact sheets about Richards Game Studio and the projects and games RGS is working on, downloadable sets of screenshots of the games, links to videos from the games and more information.

You also have the opportunity to support Richards Game Studio financially. If you are feeling generous and you would like to do so, please visit the Support RGS page. And maybe you will see your name mentioned on our Supporters board.
Now there is just one thing left to say:

Have fun and happy gaming!

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